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This publication "pixeltrain - Blender Fundamentals >> Fast Forward“ by Senior 3D & VFX trainer Helge Maus is a complete Introduction to Blender 3D.

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Helge Maus is an experienced trainer with more than 20 years of experience in working and teaching in the 3d, film & vfx industry. Besides that, he publishes frequently free tutorials on his YouTube channel and makes well-structured publications such as this one here „pixeltrain - Blender Fundamentals - Fast Forward >>“.

In 137 lessons with a duration of nearly 25 hours, Helge takes you through the complete fundamentals of Blender and the basic workflows you need to know to get started with this amazing free software. This training is designed to get you up and running quickly, enabling you with the skills needed to work effectively in this incredibly powerful 3d package.

Additionally, it lays the foundation of essential concepts and paradigms to understand more advanced topics for other areas and workflows of Blender 3d down the road.

Topics covered:

  • Blender’s UI, Setup and Preferences
  • The powerful Add-on system and the most used built-in add-ons
  • Working with Primitives
  • Transformations
  • Scene-Management
  • Effective Selections
  • The powerful Polygon-modeling Toolset of Blender
  • Subdivision Surface Modeling
  • Working with Curves & Text
  • Procedural Workflows with Modifiers
  • Introduction to Sculpting
  • Shading, Materials and Texture Workflows
  • The Node-based Shader Editor and PBR Setups
  • Working with UVs
  • Lighting your Scenes with Lights, Sky Models and HDRIs
  • Physical Cameras
  • Camera Effects like Depth of Field
  • Making final Renderings
  • Advanced Cycles Render Settings
  • Sampling, LightPaths, Denoising & Ray Visibilities
  • World Atmospheres and Volume

The focus of this publication is NOT building a fancy eye-catchy example scene.
It’s concepted as a step-by-step logical structured learning curriculum, with deep explanations of concepts, workflows and tool options.

The lessons are packed with information and are meant to watch them several times, make your own experiments and come back later when you are working on your own projects and need some refreshing on several topics.


01 First Steps in the Blender User Interface (2h 33m)
02 Working with Primitives & Transformations (2h 58m)
03 Working Modes & Selections (1h 6m)
04 Polygon Modeling (4h 30m)
05 Subdivision Surface (1h 8m)
06 Plus+ Sculpting (2h 34m)
07 Curves & Text (1h 19m)
08 Modifiers (1h 16m)
09 Materials, Shader & Textures (2h 45m)
10 Plus+ Working with UVs (1h 59m)
11 Lighting, Cameras & Rendering (2h 32m)

*Additional PLUS+ content coming soon!

Beside of the fundamental chapters of this publication, we will release additional, more deep dive chapters as PLUS+ content. With these you will have the chance to deepen your Blender Fundamentals knowledge even more. Also we will update this publication over time to keep it up-to-date.

As owner of the publication you can join our pixeltrain Discord server for sharing your questions, network with others and show your work!

We hope you find this publication useful and we can help you on your personal journey as an 3d or vfx artist.
If you have any problems or questions, please contact us.

And now, HAVE FUN! Let’s get started.

Helge Maus

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pixeltrain - Blender Fundamentals - Fast Forward >>

5 ratings
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